AEV Photo Art

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

AEV Photo Art are a long established Gold Coast based fantasy photography business who travel around Australia hosting special photography events. They have a very unique business model and process they have developed over many years that enable them to achieve the remarkable results they do for their customers. Their old website was very complex and out of date and did not represent the standard of their product or process.

Our Solution
We first took a look at their whole business process from a top down perspective, and got to understand the difficulties they had faced with prior web designers. We worked to help them understand our approach and developed an elegant website that lets their work speak for itself, staying out of the way. We developed a custom coded site that utilises a modern platform for their booking engine and payments, keeping the site easy to manage and update as they add and remove locations and dates.

The site is now ready for professional marketing as it immediately communicates their product, standards and brand values within a few seconds. Their impressive artwork is front and centre. On mobile where most of their customers are, as well as on desktop, the site is logical, consistent and easy to navigate (and manage). Most importantly it’s now easy and straight forward to book in a session time with them!