Anthology K Rd

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

Anthology K Rd needed an online vision for their highly unique, eclectic and energised venue that was more than just a page. Once again, our team delievered.

Our Solution
You’re immediately immersed in the energy of the venue – live music, drinks at the bar, smiling faces. Exciting visual effects put you in the moment. When are we going!? A carefully curated gallery showcases the space and the crowds. This site beautifully encapsulates the venues vibe and gives you everything you need to know where you need to be this Friday. Functionally patrons can quickly jump on the site and get an immediate update of what’s up and coming, and book tickets for ticketed events.

Now that Anthology K Rd have a site that shows people this amazing venue – sales have significantly increased and existing patrons are reminded of why they need to go back again. It elegantly presents the venues many atmospheric space, angles and past and up coming performers.