G&D Cleaning and Maintenance

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

G&D Cleaning and Maintenance Services are Western Sydney’s best keep commercial and residential cleaning secret. Thriving for many years purely on hard work, quality referrals and their many positive Facebook Reviews, G&D, a family business started by Garry and Diane Aquilina, was ready for a change. Their two children were now grown up and wanting to help out with the business and it was time for a marketing makeover!

Our Solution
We brought in our expert term of highly experienced marketers and creatives and began with a Digital Marketing Strategy Session, a four hour Brand and Value Discovery Workshop, Expert Logo Design process and Branding Guidelines. This paved the way for a clean and effective Custom Designed Website that uniquely positions them as distinct from their competitors with their own unique brand.

G&D Cleaning’s new logo and branding flows throughout their website communicating their unique family values and excellent standards. The website is undoubtedly an industry best and showcases their comprehensive services in an easy to navigate compelling experience that is visually striking and communicates trust from the first page.