Mac Summer

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

This dynamic New Zealand based Drum & Bass artist needed a fresh and modern website that communicated the energy of his sound visually. As a cutting edge artist in his genre he needed something that matched. He needed a seamless flowing experience and platform to announce new singles, videos, post news and content, and promote his frequent tours and live events.

Our Solution
Mac needed cutting edge design that was also highly fluid and functional. As always, after coming to properly understand his needs not only in terms of design but function, we were able to design and develop a fresh look and functional site that perfectly encapsulates the exciting, larger that life sophisticated energy found in his amazing music (if you haven’t heard it, we highly recommend you check it out!).

Mac Summer’s site is exciting and modern. If you haven’t already, it makes you want to listen to his music, whoever you are. Once you’ve done that, you want to know where you can see him live. Fortunately for you, you can immediately learn about upcoming live events and book right off the site.