Bears With Grace

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

With an up-coming Gold Coast Channel 7 news story about their runaway home business success, Bears With Grace urgently needed a professional eCommerce platform to conduct business on and receive orders from their ever growing list of customers. 

Our Solution
After a thorough session covering their present and future business needs we recommended a solution that fit within a tight budget to allow them to take a meaningful step forward, solve a big problem, and get it done fast, without breaking the bank. Our goal is to work with our clients where they’re at to enable to them to progress their business growth.

We completed a cute, stylish, super fast and functional eCommerce website for them in under 7 days, on budget and ahead of schedule. It’s designed to allow them to build and further expand on their marketing when they’re ready with a future custom design and additional marketing once they have the business processes in place to cope with future demand. As their business quickly grew we developed a custom order management solution to help keep track of everything.