Yirara College

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

This long established Aboriginal Children’s Christian Boarding School in Alice Springs was in urgent need of a new website to accurately portray the vibrancy, joy and excitement of the campus and it’s amazing, caring and fun culture. Of principal concern was the effectiveness of communicating news and events, as well as what Campus Life is like, to all the diverse communities the children come from. As a very busy educational institution they also needed it to be fast, easy to manage and be able to safely delegate tasks.

Our Solution
We created a colourful, professional and exuberant site that accurately portrays the school culture and immediately gives you a strong sense of community. It dives right into exactly what it’s like to be part of the school, and communities are kept up to date with an easy to manage news system.

Community feedback has been great – they now get a immediate sense of where their children are and what kind of things they are up to. Staff can manage the news and events easily and delegate tasks while maintaining. Since the launch of the new site Google traffic has taken off. Google likes properly designed and built sites. The overall effect has meant greatly improving the schools public presentation of the amazing work done in support of the many remote communities the children come from.