CPAC Musical Theatre

Creative, Innovation, Vision
About This Project

As a burgeoning Theatre under fairly recent new management CPAC desperately needed a website that met their brand vision and organisational roadmap for the future. The old site was taking a lot of time to manage internally, and there were bigger things to attend to. Among their top list on the agenda was a site that met their range of needs from promoting shows, scouting for new talent, encouraging sponsorship, and telegraphing their welcoming and love of all people from all backgrounds. 

Our Solution
After getting to know the key management and full understanding their story, where they have come from, where they are, and where they want to take things, we settled on an elegant, powerful and exciting platform for them to be able to credibly host exciting new productions now and in the future.

The theatre committee are super happy with the outcome. It dynamically showcases their vibrant past, and exciting future. It encourages attendance and invites new performers and welcomes everyone. It is a strong marketing platform for the organisation now and into the future that is easy to manage and promote.